About Us

Since 2007 RS Geoiformatics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is being involved in providing geospatial solutions to its esteemed customers across the world. Our team understands the value, acquisition, and analysis of geospatial mapping data and how it is applied to meet the needs and challenges of our valuable clients.

Company Information

Our mission is to provide our clients with  an accurate, innovative photogrammetric solutions that are project specific, adopt the latest technologies, adhere to specifications & industry standards, and deliver on time and within budget.

RSGS has successfully completed several projects for engineering and surveying.   We utilize the latest in technology, equipment, and software including frame camera, Digital Photography, satellite imageries, and LiDAR sensors. These technologies combined with our dedicated professional team enables us to meet the highest standards which ensure high quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Our greatest asset remains our employees; many are professionally trained Photogrammetrists,  trained Ortho Engineers and trained LiDAR Engineers,  headed by 33 years experienced & certified  professional in Land  Surveying and Photogrammetry from Survey of India.

Our Services

Digital Aerial Triangulation
Planimetric and Topographic Mapping
Digital Orthophoto process
LiDAR classification
2D Mapping & GIS conversion
Training & Development
Assistance in dissertation to university students

Our Mission

We will supply leading edge solutions that incorporate the latest breakthroughs in algorithms and processing technologies to bring our customers new levels of enterprise production solutions that improve their bottom line profitability.

Global Reach

To achieve completeness and accuracy of each map product, the company uses specific quality control measures that incorporate the use of verification software, operator verification, and independent editing.

Our Standards
  • National Map Accuracy Standards (NMAS)
  • American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
  • National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA)
Our Commitment
" Share the domain knowledge & experience, provide qualitative solutions, impart training and conquer the industry ”