Management & Project Experience

The Managing Director of RS Geoinformatics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional Surveyor & Certified Photogrammetrist and  has an excellent experience of 33+ years in Surveying, Photogrammetry & GIS.

Survey of India (Govt. of India’s National Mapping Authority) for 14 years as Officer Surveyor and also worked in ” Faculty of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing”, Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping(IISM), Survey of India, Uppal, Hyderabad within the service period.
Surveying Services Division, Saudi ARAMCO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 3 years as Project Leader (Photogrammetry).

Worked for IIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad for 3 years as Production Manager (Geospatial Division) & Head of Faculty (Photogrammetry).

Participated in XI & XII Indian Expedition to Antarctica from Survey of India for GPS control and Mapping of Indian Research Station- Maitri & its surrounding during 1991-92 & 1992-93.

Handled more than 1000 projects of different scales, using various inputs and for different applications. Inputs images used are from conventional camera, Intergraph DMC, Vexcel DMC, WorldView satellites, QuickBird satellites and Pleiades satellite. Orthophoto generation, LiDAR point cloud classification & its conversion and UAV image process are the additions solutions we provide.

Has executed more than 850 projects of stereo compilation, Orthophoto, LiDAR & 2D conversion.

Has immense experience in Project Management in Photogrammetry & GIS.

Has an Excellent Client interaction for all technical aspects of Photogrammetry  & GIS projects.

Has trained about 200 Surveying Supervisors & Survey Technicians and 750 Photogrammetrists including trainees from abroad.

Our Projects

We, in  RS Geoinformatics Solutions have executed various projects for USA, Australia, Spain, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Honduras,
El Salvador, Poland, Portugal, Panama,  etc. , since 2008.
Refer the News & events for list of projects executed by us.