Management & Project Experience

The Managing Director of RS Geoinformatics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Professional Surveyor & Certified Photogrammetrist and  has an excellent experience of 27+ years in Surveying, Photogrammetry & GIS.

Our Projects

Survey of India (Govt. of India’s National Mapping Authority) for 14 years as Officer Surveyor and also worked in ” Faculty of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing”, Indian Institute of Surveying & Mapping(IISM), Survey of India, Uppal, Hyderabad within the service period.
Surveying Services Division, Saudi ARAMCO, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for 3 years as Project Leader (Photogrammetry).

Worked for IIC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad for 3 years as Production Manager (Geospatial Division) & Head of Faculty (Photogrammetry).

Participated in XI & XII Indian Expedition to Antarctica from Survey of India for GPS control and Mapping of Indian Research Station- Maitri & its surrounding during 1991-92 & 1992-93.

Has executed more than 850 projects of stereo compilation, Orthophoto, LiDAR & 2D conversion.

Has immense experience in Project Management in Photogrammetry & GIS.

Has an Excellent Client interaction for all technical aspects of Photogrammetry  & GIS projects.

Has trained about 200 Surveying Supervisors & Survey Technicians and 750 Photogrammetrists including trainees from abroad.